Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Exclusive: Flora Vase by Alain Berteau for OTHR

Exclusive: Flora Vase by Alain Berteau for OTHR

As the seasons change, OTHR has designed a way to keep summer alive within your home. Enter the versatile 3D printed porcelain Flora Vase, created by multidisciplinary designer Alain Berteau.

Thanks to the utility of Flora’s open sides, watering is fast and cleaning is easy.

Concepted as an alternative to the traditionally heavy vase, Flora’s lightweight shape is a beautiful display for any bouquet. From large arrangements to a single stem, it acts as a frame; a balanced environment where blossoms can take center stage.

Perfect for entertaining, this structural, graphic vessel is just as slender and graceful as its contents.

Known for his functional innovations and eco-friendly approach, Berteau’s work has spanned many years and disciplines. Since his start in 2002, he has developed products, interior designs, and buildings for leading brands. He co-founded Objekten design studio, and was a recipient of the IF and Red Dot awards. His work is now part of the permanent collection at the Design Museum in Ghent.

Get your early edition of the Flora Vase in gloss white or matte black 3D printed porcelain here before it goes on sale to everyone else on Thursday.

OTHR is an on-demand 3D printed design brand producing objects by today’s most talented designers— and each week, we bring you exclusive, pre-launch access to their latest designs.

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