Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Hosty Club Makes Life A Little Easier For Airbnb Hosts

The Hosty Club Makes Life A Little Easier For Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb hosts wear many hats when they decide to open their homes up to out of town visitors. Sometimes they fill all the services that you’d find at a regular hotel: the doorman, the concierge, the maintenance crew, the housekeeper, and more. To make it easier on Airbnb hosts, Connor Lee founded the Hosty Club, aimed to reimagine the way hosts provide for their guests when it comes to toiletries and amenities.

The Hosty Club is essentially a welcome package for Airbnb hosts to give to their guests. The benefit is that hosts save time on restocking amenities and guests don’t need to run out to the store if they’ve forgotten to pack something. The kit includes a place for keys, wifi information, house and local information, as well as toiletries such as ear plugs, shower cap, Q-tips, body soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. For the Super Host, Airbnb’s term for the extraordinary hosts who go above and beyond, they can subscribe to the Hosty Club to receive a discount on mulitple packages.

The Hosty Club launched on August 1st. To join now and get early bird pricing, visit


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